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RailsBridge: Free Ruby on Rails workshops for women and their friends

RailsBridge is an organization that works to increase diversity in tech by putting on a variety of awesome free events.

Want to learn or teach web development in a welcoming and warm community?
Our Chapters Page shows all the cities we’re in and where to find upcoming workshops listed online. We also have general info for students¬†and volunteers, too.

There are a lot of ways to get involved with RailsBridge. You could:

Our most well-known efforts are free weekend workshops where women learn Ruby on Rails from volunteers. The students at our workshops range from folks who are completely new to programming to QA engineers and professional developers who want to learn Rails. RailsBridge has also put on Spanish-language workshops, Rails Bug Mashes (or bug smashes, depending on who you ask), taught Ruby to kids, set up online mentoring, and sponsored many more projects.

RailsBridge was born out of a desire to improve the gender ratio in the San Francisco Rails community, and has expanded to try to improve the diversity in open source and in tech companies, too. If there isn’t an upcoming workshop in your city, you can organize one! Get in touch at organizing@railsbridge.org, and look through the resources on the organizer page. All of our workshops are a grassroots effort.